Hello! My name is Robert Bryan Diaz, President/CEO. With over a decade of accounting experience I lead a small accounting firm with large expertise. Once you become a client of Accrual Accounting Services, you’ll be assigned your personal accountant. That way you have someone who knows you and your story. You now have access to all their insider knowledge and advice.


Our accounting professionals have decades of experience in the accounting industry. They are a proven, trusted source of advice - certainly a better alternative to temporary, seasonal workers who are accountants for just 3 months a year during tax season.

Accrual: (In Finance) By definition means, The adding together of interest or different investments over a period of time. We incorporated that concept into our name; "Accrual Accounting Services" will put forth the interest and effort to build and grow your business. With our financial and accounting services your company can grow upward, like a pyramid, toward financial success!